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We also cater for the youngest! We have transformed a family room for 3 into an Ozzy room! Also curious about what activities there are for youngsters? Find out more here!

Ozzy's Family Room (3p)

The Ozzy designed with families in mind, This family room for 3 offers space, comfort and all the amenities you need for an enjoyable stay.

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  • 3
  • From 20m²
€135/ night
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On an adventure with Ozzy

Hello there!

I'm Ozzy. Are you ready to go for a walk through Roeselare with me?

1. De Bonte Os Hotel & Tower

Start your adventure at Hotel de Bonte Os, where I grew up! Grab a special passport full of fun games and hiking trivia. This cosy family hotel has been around since 1903 and even has a magical Artists' Room! Want to discover it? Then you should spend a night here. And do you know what the best part is? If you complete the whole walk and collect stamps at all 5 stops, a surprise awaits you back at the Bonte Os!

2. Old tram station

Let's continue stepping through the streets of Krottegem until we arrive at the old tram station. This tram station is like a time machine! You used to be able to hop on a magical steam tram here and travel all the way to Tielt. It was the cool Hooglede - Tielt railway line. The last time a tram flashed here was in the distant year 1936. That's a really, really long time ago! 🚂

3. Jempi

Come, let's go to the next stop: the amazing mural of Jempi! Jempi was like a superhero, but on his bike. When he was just 22, he became a world champion! So you still have plenty of time to become as good as him. 😊 To honour Jempi, they even named a special beer after him! In Roeselare, they even have a street AND a cool cycling race bearing his name. The mural was magically created during the Day One festival in May 2014. Beautiful murals can be admired all over Roeselare.

4. Treehouse

Time for a break if you pass by here! The Garden of Delights is held here every year in September. In 2018, they even built a super cool treehouse on Our Lady's Market. If you don't want to play in the tree house, no worries! Across the street, there are swings, climbing frames and lots more fun stuff! And you know what's even cooler? There are benches for your mum and dad to sit on, so they can enjoy watching while you steal the show. Oh yeah, don't forget to look at the Day One festival mural. It's really super pretty here! 🌳🏡

5. Rodenbach

Oh no, we have already arrived at the last stop! This one is especially for your mum and dad. Welcome to Rodenbach Brewery, the magical place where Roeselare's best beer is made! During the bats of Roeselare, there is always something special: the 'Friday always the keg of Rodenbach' party! If you want to know how this magical beer is made, you can even book a guided tour. 🍺

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