Some of these measures are: up - date 22-10-2020

1- Cancellation Policy

      Relaxed conditions for all new reservations.

2- Online check in

      Complete your registration as soon as you 
have booked and avoid crowds at the reception.

3 - Disinfection columns

     Disinfection columns are provided in strategic 
places and when entering the hotel it is even 
mandatory to disinfect the hands

4 - Elevator

    Max 3 people in the elevator. Please stand on the
dot in the direction of the drawing.

5 - Non essentials

    All non-essential extras that are often touched 
were removed from the public areas and hotel rooms 
to prevent the virus from spreading. Just think of 
notebooks, ballpoint pens, welcome sweets, 
information folders, bed decoration such as 
decorative pillows and ...


6 - Breakfast

    The buffet breakfasts are required to be closed in 
accordance with current expert and government guidelines.
However, we provide individual service for breakfast at 
the table

7 - Dinner

    Restaurant is open only for hotel guests
    If desired, we help you in your choice
with take a way.

8 - Daily cleaning

    Currently there is no daily cleaning, 
so personal contact is kept to a minimum. 
Fresh towels are supplied to the room when 
the used towels are in front of the room door.

9 - Final cleaning

    After your departure, the room is thoroughly
aired and deeply cleaned.
Extra attention during cleaning is given to the 
following items: light switches, door handles, 
TV remote controls, thermostats and much more.
Corona Covid - 19
schematische covid voorstelling in de bonte os